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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy refers solely to your personal data, which you provide to us during the submission of your contact form to sifakisnuts.gr.

You may browse the Website without providing any personal information other than those set out in the Cookies sifakisnuts.gr. In order to submit your inquiry, you will need to provide us with some of your personal information, as required by law (EU) 2016/679 General Data Policy Regulation. This information is your full name, an active email address and a contact telephone number that will be used solely to contact you about your question.

The sifakisnuts.gr undertakes not to concede, sell or transfer your personal data to third party services. You and its authorized personnel have access to your data sifakisnuts.gr. Its authorized staff sifakisnuts.gr may access the information for reasons relating to the resolution of any problems that may arise during its use sifakisnuts.gr .

We use modern personal data protection technologies, all information you provide to us is confidential and stored using all modern and advanced methods to ensure your maximum security.

Contact form

None of the information you send us via the contact form is stored in a database. We receive all the content of the form via e-mail and we use its details exclusively for the purpose for which you contacted us.

Communication via email

The communication with you via the email you declare in the contact form at sifakisnuts.gr is part of the proper operation of the service we provide.

Terms of Use

The "Terms of Use" that govern the site sifakisnuts.gr refer to this page and concern its use sifakisnuts.gr and the relevant applications and surfaces for mobile devices, which from now on will be collectively referred to as a "website". By accessing, browsing or in any way you use the website you agree to the "Privacy Policy" and all other instructions or policies mentioned on this page entitled "Terms of Use". Please read the "Terms of Use" very carefully, as the use of the website implies their automatic acceptance. Please do not use the website and do not provide your personal information if you do not wish or are unable to abide by the "Terms of Use".


A "User" is anyone who accesses, searches, crawls, interacts, creates an account, buys products, shares or in any way uses the Website. The terms "you", "you", "you" and "user" refer to you, as a user or visitor of the website. The terms "we", "us", "us", and "sifakis nuts" refer to the website sifakisnuts.gr.

"Content of sifakisnuts.gr" refers to the content created by us and is available on the website.

"Third Party Content" refers to the content available on the website by parties other than sifakisnuts.gr or its users.


To use the website you must be at least 18 years old and not have legal assistance in concluding a sales contract. If you are a resident of Greece you have the obligation to comply with the "Terms of Use", as mentioned in this document. If you use the website from another country you should refer to the laws and regulations of your country and the "Terms of Use" described in this document. Otherwise, you may not use the Website. If you use the website on behalf of a business, organization or organization you must be the same authorized representative of the business, organization or organization in order to be bound by the "Terms of Use".

Cookies Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files of information - usually text - that are stored in the browser (Mozilla, Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.) that one uses to visit a web page. Thus, the sites acquire a kind of 'memory' between your visits and recognize your preferences. This helps make your navigation more personalized and personal.


By navigating the website you agree to the acceptance of cookies.

How are cookies used?

On this website we use the following types of cookies:


information The data and preferences of users are collected anonymously by the above companies and do not identify individuals individually but only as a percentage. The only information recorded in the cookies is related to the user's behavior on the website. In no case do we maintain a file with personal data of the visitors and there is no possibility to recognize them as individuals, neither in the physical nor in the digital world.

The user can modify the settings in the navigation (browser) to block some or all cookies or to visit the respective pages in the registered networks to be informed and to make the appropriate blocking settings.