Sifakis Nuts has a wide variety of nuts, cooked and raw, with or without salt, but also seeds such as flaxseed, pine nuts and poppy seeds.

Nuts are a rich and healthy food choice with many health benefits. Protein, trace elements, fiber and vitamins are some of the nutrients that nuts provide to our body.

That's why we choose them and include them in our daily routine to get all the necessary nutrients we need.

Dried Fruits

Dried fruits are a very good nutritional choice, rich in fiber, antioxidants and in general nutrients necessary for the body. Sifakis Nuts offers a wide variety of dried fruits to definitely find your favorite for your daily snacks.

Sifakis Nuts has three options for snacks with nuts to accompany your drink or soft drink or just to taste a crunchy snack, whenever you want. You will find Cocktail Snack, Corn Nuts Snack and Houanita Snack available with a wonderful spicy taste with spices.

Premium quality προϊόντα

Η Sifakis Nuts προχωράει σε μια νέα σειρά premium quality προϊόντων και επικεντρώνεται σε ειδικά διαμορφωμένες και προσεγμένες συσκευασίες με τα προϊόντα να είναι διαλεγμένα προσεκτικά για άριστη ποιότητα στην όψη και τη γεύση.

Very nice little soaps for guests. Large enough to last a few days and small enough that what isn't used can be discarded without guilt. They're wrapped very nicely and have a nice smell.

Clark Morton

Owner "Beauty cave"


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We begin the process of natural soap making by learning about the ingredients you’ll use. Oils, butters, essential oils, botanicals, and of course lye. The series continues with an introduction to the equipment you need and soap making safety, a few basic recipes, how to formulate your own recipes, and finally a piece showing how to make handmade soap.

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Premium quality products

Sifakis Nuts proceeds with a new series of premium quality products and focuses on specially designed and carefully packaged products that are carefully selected for excellent quality in appearance and taste.